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Community Coalitions and Collaboratives

Campaign for Kids

The Campaign for Kids is a coalition of more than 80 organizations and agencies successfully advocating to keep children's issues at the top of the County's public agenda. Founded in 1991, the Campaign is chaired and staffed by Westchester Children's Association (WCA). In 1994, advocacy by the Campaign resulted in the first County expenditure of tax-levy funds for youth programs through the creation of the "Invest-in-Kids Fund" which continues to have an annual allocation of about $1 million. The Campaign actively advocates on budgetary and legislative issues at the County and State levels, including testifying at hearings, mounting postcard and letter campaigns and visiting with elected officials. For more information please visit www.wca4kids.org/cfk.htm.

Child Health Task Force

The Child Health Task Force, staffed and co-chaired by WCA with the Westchester County Department of Health, is a coalition of government, health care providers, insurers, schools, children's service agencies and advocates working to improve the health of the county's children and youth.

The Task Force works through committees to address a myriad of children's health needs. Task Force committees are currently focused on improving children's oral health and children's mental health services. Under WCA's leadership, the Task Force continues to address barriers to health care and monitor the state sponsored facilitated enrollment program. For more information please visit www.wca4kids.org/.

Haverstraw Collaborative

Haverstraw Collaborative coming together to unite our efforts and resources for the health, safety, and well being of the children, youth, elders adults and families of Haverstraw, and to raise the quality of life for all people of our diverse community.


For all community-based organizations serving the children, youth, elders, adults and families of Haverstraw to meet monthly in a spirit of non-partisanship and cooperation in order to:

  • Jointly identify emerging community needs and issues
  • Network and exchange information
  • Empower and build capacity of the community-based organizations in Haverstraw serving children, youth, elders, adults and families
  • Collectively identify and share resources
  • Find commonality of purpose, define opportunities, build trust and increase collaboration
  • Increase mutual respect and resolve conflicts positively
  • Centralize information and learning while eliminating duplicative efforts
  • Advocate together on behalf of the children, youth, elders, adults and families of Haverstraw

The Haverstraw Collaborative meets the 1st Wednesday of the month from 12 noon - 1:30 pm at the Haverstraw Center, 50 West Broad Street, Haverstraw, NY 10927 For more information contact, Marion E. Breland, 845-429-5731, Haverstraw.Collaborative@vohny.com.

Mount Vernon Community That Cares


Mount Vernon Community That Cares (MVCTC) envisions Mount Vernon as a safe community of healthy individuals and nurturing families with abundant, accessible resources and quality full service schools sustained by spiritual strength. The work of MVCTC is focusing on preventing risk factors and increasing protective factors in the following areas: substance abuse, delinquency, teen pregnancy, school dropout, and violence. MVCTC is a consortium of youth, parents, non-profit organizations, businesses, faith organizations, social service agencies, schools, individuals and City of Mount Vernon and Westchester County Government agencies committed to serving and working with youth and families in Mount Vernon, NY.

MVCTC meets the third Tuesday of every month at the Mount Vernon Public Library. For more information, please click here or contact Claudette Coote, MVCTC Coalition Coordinator, at 914-665-2344, ccoote@cmvny.com.

Putnam, Orange, Westchester, Rockland Against Tobacco - POW'R

powrlogoPOW'R Against Tobacco is a four county coalition that was founded in 1992 to reduce the risk of tobacco-related diseases by lowering the prevalence of tobacco use in Putnam, Orange, Westchester and Rockland Counties.

POW'R is funded by a grant from the New York State Department of Health Since 1992 the Coalition has been working in the community to meet 4 goals:

  1. Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke
  2. Prevent and reduce tobacco use in under-served communities
  3. Promote quitting among adults and youth
  4. Prevent youth from using tobacco products

How we serve our communities:

  • Offer Mini-grants to agencies working with diverse populations to develop culturally sensitive materials and programs that address the risks of tobacco use.
  • Support the member counties in securing Tobacco Settlement funds for the purpose of creating local tobacco prevention initiatives.
  • Facilitate smoking cessation trainings for educators, community agencies and the medical community.
  • Provide resources and referrals to the community.
  • Support laws and regulations that restrict minors' access to tobacco, and provide smoke-free public places.
  • Encourage businesses, worksites, schools and health care facilities to implement and enforce smoke-free policies.
  • Support all New York State Department of Health sponsored activities that focus on reducing both tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

For more information contact us at 1-888-841-POWR, POW'R Against Tobacco, 35 Orchard St., White Plains, NY 10603, info@powragainsttobacco.org.


Rockland County Public Health Priorities

The Rockland County Public Health Priorities Steering Committee (PHP) is a private-public partnership of individuals representing educational institutions, health care providers and health-related organizations, community service organizations, governmental agencies, faith-based organizations, consumers, and the business community, chaired and coordinated by the Rockland County Department of Health. The mission of the PHP is the coordination and collaboration of resources to address local unmet public health needs in order to promote health, improve access to health care and prevent disease and disability in Rockland County.

The committee 1) reviews and analyzes available data and reports from various sources; 2) selects community-wide priority areas to be addressed by subcommittees; and 3) coordinate its activities with other major planning groups operating and/or forming with Rockland County. Rockland County Community Health Assessment 2005 - 2010 - a 5-year community Health Report details new statistics on cancer, obesity, diabetes and immigrant health.



Steps to a Healthier Rockland County

Steps to a HealthierNY is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as part of Steps to a HealthierUS, a national program focusing on the prevention of diabetes, obesity and asthma and the control of risk factors including poor nutrition, physical inactivity and tobacco use and exposure. For more information about Steps to a HealthierNY in Rockland County, please visit www.co.rockland.ny.us/steps/ or call 845-364-2500. Steps to a Healthier New York - Rockland County Guidelines for Healthy Meetings.


Westchester County Integrated Services Planning Group (ISPG)

westlogoThe integrated services planning initiative brings together individuals and institutions from public and private sectors in a cross- system collaborative effort to improve the circumstances of children and families in Westchester County.

Mission / Vision
The mission is to assure the health, safety, protection and well being of Westchester's children, youth, families and vulnerable adults and to empower them to become or maintain themselves as independent, self-sufficient adults.

The integrated services plan and planning process is based upon recognition that for planning and services to be effective, they must be:

  • Based upon a locally controlled interagency planning process
  • Involve stakeholders in planning and evaluation of services
  • Developed and structured around the human development continuum
  • Emphasize strength based, asset development, capacity building at the individual, family, community and countywide levels
  • Family centered
  • Outcome based / results oriented
  • Prioritize resources

ISPG Goals

  • Goal 1: Mobilize Communities on Behalf of Children and Families
  • Goal 2: Promote the Development of Healthy Children
  • Goal 3: Strengthen Families
  • Goal 4: Guarantee Access to High Quality Learning Experiences for Children
  • Goal 5: Support Youth in the Development of Skills and Competencies Needed for Successful Transition to Adulthood

The Westchester County ISPG is co-chaired by the Westchester County Youth Bureau and Westchester County Department of Social Services. For more information contact Marlene Furtick, Executive Director, Westchester County Youth Bureau, mef3@westchestergov.com, 995-2745, 112 E. Post Road Room 110A White Plains, New York 10601.

Yonkers Early Childhood Initiative (ECI)

The Yonkers Early Childhood Initiative (ECI) is a community collaborative made up of families, elected officials, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, schools, businesses and other interested parties. The Andrus Children's Center is the lead agency, and Andrus staff have coordinated the effort since its inception. ECI's vision is that young children in Yonkers will be born healthy and supported by their families and communities so that they maintain good health, enter school ready to learn, and achieve their developmental potential. ECI's goals include increasing community awareness about the importance of early childhood; fostering collaboration and planning in creating a stronger service system; building on community assets to strengthen neighborhoods and families; and improving access to quality child care and health care.

The Yonkers ECI meets regularly. For more information, please click here or contact Joanne Grippo, jgrippo@jdam.org.

Peekskill Agencies Together (P.A.T)


Peekskill Agencies Together (P.A.T.) is a community coalition that aims to reduce youth substance use. Funded by the DFC (Drug-Free Communities) Federal Grant, P.A.T. seeks to collaborate with local agencies, organizations, and individual in order to create a safe, happy, and healthy community in which our youth can grow and prosper.

P.A.T. looks to work together with the schools, local government, business community, law enforcement agencies, media, religious organizations, civic and volunteer groups, youth-serving organizations, healthcare professionals, organizations involved in reducing substance abuse, parents, and youth.

The P.A.T. Coalition understands that prevention work extends beyond simply telling our youth to stay away from alcohol and other drugs...

  • It is reducing the ability of youth in our community to access alcohol and other drugs;
  • It is ensuring that youth and parents alike are provided with sufficient information;
  • It is affirming and recogniziing the youth that participate in positive activities;
  • It is strengthing community bonds and increasing community collaboration;

P.A.T. meets on a monthly basis, in different member locations. Meetings are generally on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 3pm. For more information contact Danielle Satow, 914.734.4458, DSatow@cityofpeekskill.com

Additional Coalitions

  • Dutchess County Healthy Families Advisory Group
  • Haverstraw Healthy Teen Pregnancy Collaborative
  • Haverstraw Early Head Start/Head Start Advisory Meeting
  • Rockland 0-3 Network/Rockland Better Baby Campaign
  • Spring Valley Collaborative Meeting
  • Spring Valley Quality of Life Sub-Committee
  • Westchester County Home Visiting Group
  • Westchester-Putnam Access to Care Coalition
  • Westchester County ISPG 0-3
  • Mt. Vernon Child & Family Network
  • Mt. Vernon Early Childhood Community Network
  • Yonkers Early Childhood Community Network
  • White Plains Early Childhood Community Network
  • New Rochelle Early Childhood Community Network
  • New Rochelle Child & Family Network
  • Port Chester Early Childhood Community Network
  • Yonkers YMCA REACH Initiative (Yonkers Healthy Connections for LYFE)
  • FSW Health Advisory Committee

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