Know What to Do for Life

Know-What-to-Do-for-Life Know What To Do For Life - A HHS Closing the Health Gap on Infant Mortality Initiative campaign Know What to Do for Life is an educational campaign to help reduce the infant mortality rate among African Americans by promoting risk reduction of SIDS, preterm birth, and low birth weight.

  • Pregnant women to see a health provider as soon as they think they are pregnant and to go to all of their prenatal care appointments;
  • Parents and caregivers to place babies on their backs to sleep and to avoid putting babies to sleep with more than one layer of clothing, and to not put stuffed toys in the crib;
  • Expectant mothers to not drink, smoke or use other drugs before or during pregnancy and after giving birth; and
  • Expectant mothers to learn about factors that affect birth outcomes, such as proper nutrition, and to seek help for chronic illnesses and other medical problems.

For many women, there is delay in finding out that they are pregnant. Therefore encourage and promote that all women take care of the health and seek regular health care.