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Nutrition and Pregnancy

scrolltipnutritionMake every effort to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Did you know that what you eat does not only affect you but it can affect the health of your future baby?

scrolltipnutritionDuring pregnancy women do not need to eat a special diet, but they do have to make sure to eat healthy.

A woman who does not eat enough healthy foods runs the risk of endangering the long-term health of her baby. Therefore here are some nutrition-related tips to give your baby an improved chance of a healthy life:

  • A developing baby gets all the nutrients it needs from the food the mother eats. Read more scrolltipnutrition
  • Before becoming pregnant (preconception) is a good time to make healthy choices for the health of your future baby. Read more
  • A pregnant woman should eat an extra 300 calories per day. Read more
  • Taking a multivitamin is recommended to supplement (add to) what you eat. Read more
  • scrolltipnutritionTaking folic acid is important before and during pregnancy. Read more
  • Good nutrition is important during pregnancy but achieving a healthy weight is important too. Read more
  • To make the best food choices try to eat foods from the five food groups and drink lots of water. Read more

Choose Healthy Eating for you and your future baby today!

pregnancy and nutritionFor more information on nutrition and pregnancy:


scrolltipnutritionAdditional Tips: