Resources for Dads

Resources for DadsThese links are provided for the sole purpose of helping identify sources of diverse information or resources only. LHVPN does not endorse or assume responsibility for the content of these web sites.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - information on child and adolescent psychiatry including fact sheets for parents and caregivers.

Becoming A Dad - This site gives dads practical advice from "veteran dads".

Resources for Dads

Healthy Families New York

HHS Programs to Promote Responsible Fatherhood

It Takes a Man to be a Dad PSA

Immunization Guidelines For Men

March of Dimes - Just for Dads - Welcome Home While its true that shes the one who gives birth, as a father you are the most important man in your babys life.

March of Dimes - Breastfeeding: What Dad Can Do

A new dad might think that his role in breastfeeding is a minor one. Not so!

"More than Words" PSA (radio)

National Association of Concerned Black Men, Inc. - conducts programs and projects to support youth and strengthen their families.

Resources for Dads

National At-Home Dad Foundation - the online resource for Stay at Home Dads

National Center for Fathering founded to be a positive, proactive voice for father full ness - the benefits of father involvement in the lives of children, and to be a resource for men seeking to strengthen their fathering skills.

National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) - Educating, Equipping and Engaging Fathers.

Resources for DadsNational Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute - guiding generations across the bridge to manhood. NLFFI is committed to helping men of all ages and races to find their way to become Un Hombres Noble, or noble men.

Screening Tests for Men

Resources for Dads