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Zika Advisory

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What is Zika?

The Zika virus is mainly spread through the bite of an infected mosquito, but can also be spread through having sex with someone who has Zika. While many people who become infected with Zika do not present with any symptoms, some cases show mild joint pain, fever, red eyes, and rash. Zika can cause serious birth defects in babies who are born to women infected during pregnancy and has been linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome. There is no treatment or vaccine for Zika yet.

Zika Travel and Testing Guidance


  • If you have traveled to or lived in Wynwood, a neighborhood in Miami, Florida any time after June 15, 2016 you are advised to be tested for the Zika Virus
  • Pregnant women who have been exposed are advised to get tested for the Zika virus at least 2 weeks after exposure.
  • Pregnant women who show signs and symptoms of Zika, and/or have had unprotected sex with a partner who has traveled to or lives in Wynwood should be tested for Zika.
  • All pregnant women should be tested for Zika virus exposure at each prenatal care visit. 

Travel Guidelines for Pregnant Women and Women of Reproductive Age:


  • Avoid travel to Wynwood, Florida or any of the affected locations
  • Take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your baby (if pregnant) when traveling to any of the active countries, common destinations: Dominican Republic and Mexico
  • Prevent mosquito bites by following these steps
  • Women or men who have traveled to or live in Wynwood, Florida or have been exposed to Zika, should use condoms or other barriers to infection every time they have sex with their pregnant partner.
  • Couples thinking about getting pregnant should talk to their healthcare provider and wait at least 8 weeks before getting pregnant if they have been exposed to the Zika virus or have traveled to/lived in Wynwood, Florida. Learn about planning your pregnancy here.

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Additional Information:

Contact your local health department





Call the NYSDOH Zika Information Line at (888) 364-4723, weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Additional information can be found on the NYSDOH website.